What is a Patina?

Ahhh Patina, you wonderful thing!

One of the main reasons we stand by the use of full-grain leather.

Patina is the term for that beautiful aged look a leather item develops as it ages. There are a few contributing factors that aid in the development of a rich patina, such as, exposure to light, oils from your skin, heat, and frequent use, to name but a few.

This well sought-after trait can easily be understood as it tells the unique story of your adventures with your Vel. throughout your life together.



The health and well being of our customers and employees is our highest priority.

Due to an outbreak in our workshop we've chosen to temporarily close our production line until the 30th of June.

Our online store remains open which means that you're welcome to shop to your hearts delight! 

Production & shipping will commence on the 1st of July and all current orders will unfortunately have to wait until then.

Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts for any changes/updates. 

Thank you for understanding!


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