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your guide to looking after your vel.

Now that you have just invested in a beautiful and timeless Vel. Leather item, you obviously want to ensure that it keeps looking good for the decades to come. If looked after properly, your Vel. will develop a rich and beautiful patina, making it as unique as yourself. So, make sure to follow our tips to keep your product looking it’s best.

Our Leather Conditioner

If you love leather as much as we do and carry it around daily, you will need to clean, nourish and condition it regularly to keep it looking its best. Harsh sunlight, temperature changes, scratches and stains can affect its life and longevity.

The Vel. handmade leather conditioner is formulated to nourish, preserve and protect your leather products.

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Much like your skin, leather needs to be moisturized and cared for to prevent it drying out or cracking. Proper care will help prevent this happening and protect your leather goods for many years to come.

Dust, Stains & Dirt

To remove dust, stains or dirt, you’ll want to start by wiping down your leather item with a clean, dry soft cloth. Next apply a light coat of Vel. Leather conditioner all over and leave to dry in natural air, out of direct sunlight. Repeat if required. Do not expose the product to high heat – e.g. hair dryer or direct sunlight as this causes the leather hide to crinkle and dry out excessively

Should you use soap?


Chemicals from some soaps can ruin leather over time and excessive water can damage, shrink or change the appearance and overall structure of a leather item.


Scratches are unavoidable, so instead of getting all sad and angry about them try seeing them as beauty marks rather than scars. Remember the beauty of a full-grain leather item lies in its uniqueness. To treat scratches, rub the scratches gently with a small amount of the Vel.  conditioner on a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight. This will make them blend in and look more natural.

Sunlight / UV

We love that our leather darkens in natural sunlight. However too much excessive sunlight can dry out the leather and weaken it over time. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. However, a bit sunlight now and then will aid in developing a very beautiful, rich patina. Like everything in life: Moderation is key!

What about other types of leather conditioner?

We highly recommend using only Vel. leather conditioner on your Vel. item as most other conditioners contain some nasty preservatives that could potentially be harmful to the leather. Our specially formulated conditioner is made from 100% natural ingredients, ensuring a healthy and well lubricated item!

Storing your Vel.

Protect your Vel. items such as bags by stuffing them with newspaper before storing them in a breathable cotton dust bag when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and humidity and make sure to air out regularly.



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