The Vel. Revolution

Vel. is quality

and we mean that quite literally

Vel. Leather was born out of a passion for quality handcrafted leather goods, that are fashionable, authentic and ruggedly elegant with the strength of high quality leather and precise stitching to produce items of longevity, value and worth.

Practical DUrability

Only the best

Our items are assembled and saddle-stitched in our workshop in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our company arose from a love for design and making, and grew when we started getting orders from friends who saw the items we had made for ourselves.

We support, and practice, the use of 100% South African materials and strive to merge handicrafts with design and trends with tradition.

Vegetable Tanned African Leather

Most of our leather products are made from vegetable tanned leather. This refers to the method they use to tan the cowhide into leather. It is an eco-friendly process which requires only natural materials to tan, such as tree bark.

“Unmatched local quality”

Studio Address

634 Freedman Ave,
Moreleate Park, PTA


(074) 554-4095

Vel. Life

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